All-New! Martial Arts Hall-Of-Famer and Lifelong JKD Instructor
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Dear Fellow Warrior,

Imagine walking the rest of your days with unbreakable confidence.

Imagine having a self-mastery that is so powerful, and a fighting skill that is so practical and unstoppable, that you can handle anything the forces of darkness throw your way.

Imagine having a dynamic, attractive and powerful personality wherever you go.

Well as of right now, these things can exist not only in your imagination, but in your reality.

You see, these are all qualities that Bruce Lee had.

He discovered how to develop them in his own life quickly, and then taught others to develop them in his Philosophy and Martial Art known as Jeet Kune Do.

And now you can learn Jeet Kune Do for your self in a revolutionary new course that will transform your Martial Arts and Combatives abilities, and the very way you walk, talk and think!

But first, I must warn you…

WARNING: This may not be for you. If you’re a “style loyalist” clinging to your karate pajamas or blindly following the “gospel truth” of your guru, or if you’re cynical, negative, an egomaniac or an irresponsible person you are forbidden to have these materials.

What you are about to learn can make you more DANGEROUS to your enemies and attackers, and a more POWERFUL person in every area of your life.

This is The Path of MARTIAL TRUTH, Developed By One
of The Greatest Warrior Philosophers Who Ever Lived –
The Greatest Warrior-Philosopher of Our Lifetime
– and Handed Down Directly For YOU

It’s called JEET KUNE DO, and it is the very Philosophy and Martial Art of Bruce Lee himself, the greatest Martial Artist of all time.

“Jeet Kune Do” translates to “Way Of The Intercepting Fist.” It means to stop your Attacker Before, or WHILE, he is initiating his attack.

It means getting the Maximum Effect
With The Least Amount of Effort!

Bruce often said it means fighting without fighting, having no limitation as limitation, and having no way as way. That isn’t something esoteric or lofty. It’s as REAL, concrete and effective as you can get!

In fact, Jeet Kune Do – or “JKD” as we call it – was REVOLUTIONARY, as it was the first form of what we now know as MMA!

Yes, Jeet Kune Do Was The FIRST “Mixed Martial Art” (MMA)!

Jeet Kune Do has many meanings, but it’s ultimate meaning is YOUR LIBERATION as a Martial Artist and Human Being.

Why Should You Listen To Me?…

Fist, let me introduce myself:

I’m Scott Bolan. You’re probably heard of me if you’re into the martial arts and self-improvement. I hold multiple Black Belts and advanced Combatives certifications. I’ve even been trained by one of Bruce Lee’s original students (I’ll tell you more about that in just a minute)

I’ve also authored many worldwide bestselling training courses, written for publications like Black Belt Magazine, Black Belt Daily, Martial Authority, and Modern Combat & Survival to name a few. I’ve been in more radio and podcast interviews than I can count, and I’ve been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of fame twice, under 3 designations – Jeet Kune Do Instructor of the Year, Author of the Year, and a Lifetime Achievement Award.

My Seminars and bestselling courses like Martial Mastery, Devastating Fighting and Shinobi Warrior Skills courses have earned me raving testimonials from Martial Artists, Law Enforcement, Military, Athletes and Instructors from around the world.

Look. I’m not telling you this to toot my own horn here. I just want you to know that Martial Arts is my passion, my lifestyle, and my career. I take it seriously.

The Night I Discovered Jeet Kune Do
and TRANSFORMED My Martial Arts… and My Life

I’ve been trained and certified by many of the best and most popular Martial Artists in the world, including “Jeet Kune Do Concepts” guys whose faces have been on the cover of Black Belt Magazine. If I said their name you’d know who they are, but some of them are actually not nice folks who I wouldn’t want to lead people to, but I have to admit their training was awesome!

My most significant and influential Jeet Kune Do instructor was one of Bruce Lee’s original L.A. students named Dan Lee. Dan passed away a few years ago, and I dearly miss him.

A very powerful, yet humble and gracious man, Dan had a backyard class at his home in L.A. on Wednesday nights that he would teach for three hours.

The first hour and a half was Wing Chun, as Bruce had been taught and shared. Dan wanted us to learn Bruce’s foundation as Bruce himself learned it.

The second hour and a half was Jeet Kune Do as Bruce taught it to the original group of L.A. students. Dan wanted us to learn what Bruce taught directly.

These were magical times that I will remember forever, as Dan would often “go back there” in time and share amazing stories and teachings he got directly from Bruce Lee.

Dan would always tell us, “You are First Generation. You are getting it directly from Bruce and me, to you.”

The first night I showed up Dan said, “throw a punch.”

I was by no means cocky or arrogant, but I did consider myself pretty formidable, having a few Black Belts and some real world street fighting experience, so I said, “are you sure?”

He said, “throw a punch.”

So I thought, “okay, what the heck” and I went ahead and threw a pretty good punch.

I ended up crashing into the wall BEHIND him,
and I never saw what happened!

I said, “How did you DO that?”

He said, “I used my YI, my Intention”

So I said, “I’m in! I’m here every Wednesday night!”

That night he also showed us the Intention (“Firehose”) drill that I start almost every one of my Seminars with to this day.

It’s an experience that changed my life forever, and was truly a “Light-Switch” moment on my Warrior’s Journey. It literally Transformed my Martial Arts and my Daily Life!

You see, in Kung Fu there is this principle called “Yi”

It means “Intention” in a very pure and powerful way.

Intention is one of the most misunderstood and ignored, yet most Powerful forces you can ever harness.

When you combine Intention with Skills, you become virtually Unstoppable in your endeavors.

That’s how Bruce Lee was able to accomplish so much in his short life span, and continues to inspire future generations around the world.

Jeet Kune Do became my life’s passion, and for the next 20 years I thoroughly studied and trained in every aspect of it – from “Original” JKD to the Modern “JKD Concepts”

All of it.


I wouldn’t be doing what I do, and accomplished all that I’ve accomplished, without it.

Jeet Kune Do is my “secret weapon”

And now for the first time ever, I’ve put together the ULTIMATE JKD Course that gives you EVERY ASPECT, every technique, every principle and important philosophy, all put together and organized in a way that makes it EASY for you to learn!

In the Utimate Jeet Kune Do study course, you will discover…

How To Fight Like Bruce Lee

How To Have Razor-Sharp Reflexes!


Rapid-Fire Kicking

Unbeatable Combinations

Parabola and Leverage – how to defeat larger, stronger attackers!

How To Fight Lightning-Fast

Secrets of the 1-Inch Punch

Unbreakable Confidence

Laser-sharp Focus

Dynamic Conditioning for a Lean, Mean, Fighting Machine Body!

Conditioning Secrets for a body you can be proud of that feels good and looks good

Fighting Muscle: Secrets of Physical Power

Secrets of the Straight Blast for Maximum Effectiveness

Fighting In “Their Blind Spot” (they can’t defend against what they can’t see)

Mastering Martial Arts with Efficiency, Directness and Simplicity

“Stop-Hits” and “Stop-Kicks” that Combine Attack and Defense into One Movement!

The 4 Ranges of Combat and How To DOMINATE In Each One

The 5 Ways of Attack and How To Stop ANY Attacker

Bruce Lee’s “Warrior Mind” and Martial Philosophy for living powerfully and authentically!

The Exact Path To Personal Liberation

JKD Footwork Secrets and Speed Fighting (he can’t hit you if you’re not there)

“Shadow-Strikes” Your Attacker Can’t See!

Martial Arts “Chess Moves” so you’re several moves ahead of your opponent!

The Secrets of “Formless Form”, “Counter Time” and “Attack Preliminaries

Killer Kicking Combinations

Bruce Lee’s Secrets to SPEED and Timing

Secrets of Coordination, Precision, and Power…

… and so much more, I could write another 17 pages just outlining it all here!

Listen, if you’re a serious Martial Artist, a beginner, or just someone who wants more confidence and peace of mind, this really is for you.

The Ultimate Jeet Kune Do home study program normally retails for 197.00 Digital, 247.00 for the Digital + Hard Copy. But as Bruce Lee said, “knowing is not enough, we must do.” Doing means taking action, and we love to reward action takers. So if you order by Nov. 3rd you can have it a 100.00 discount! – only 97.00 for Digital, or 147.00 for Digital + Hard Copy.

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